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Cobra Sampling, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative samplers for a variety of industries. Whether you operate refineries or pharmaceutical plants, across the US or here in Texas, sampling solutions from Cobra are certain to meet your needs. Click below to check out our full range, or click on the icons adjacent to access specific sampler directly.

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Cobra FV (Fixed Volume Liquid Sample System)

Cobra FV Sampling Solution Designed to provide a more efficient fixed volume sampling system, the Cobra ...

Cobra C (Cylinder Sample System)

Cobra C Sampling Solutions The Cobra C gas and liquid sampler makes the task of collecting ...

Cobra M (manual liquid sample system)

Cobra M Full Details Designed for longevity, the Cobra M liquid sampler boasts a variety of ...

Located in Houston, Texas, Cobra Sampling, Inc. has become a leading manufacturer of closed loop sampling systems designed for process sampling in a variety of industries, from pharmaceutical to petrochemical to natural gas.

At Cobra Sampling, Inc., we are dedicated to developing the most effective and most efficient gas and liquid samplers available, and strive to continuously improve our products. Working closely with our customers, whether national, international or here in Texas, sampling is made simpler and safer through designs that ensure emissions-free sampling that protects the operator as well as the environment.

The Cobra Sampling range adheres to the highest manufacturing standards and ensures superior sampling technology is available to our customers. And with an experienced team at our state-of-the-art facility in Texas, sampling solutions can be customized to address specific needs, whatever the industry.

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