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Accessories Available with All Systems:

             [Carbon Canisters]              [Tube in Shell Cooler]           [Tube in Tube Cooler]                    [Process Purge Systems]

Carbon Canisters

Stainless Steel Enclosed Cooling Coils

Cooling Coils

Process Purge Systems


The Cobra Sampling range of gas and liquid samplers is designed as a low-maintenance and long-lasting sampling solution. However, we also provide a selection of accessories and spare parts to ensure not only that the ideal sampling system can be constructed, but that elements can be replaced whenever necessary.

Our range includes:


○ Wide range of bottles and sizes
■ Glass (Boston Round)
■ Schott style
■ Safety Coated
■ Plastic

Caps and Septas

○ Wide range of caps and septas for closed loop sampling

Sample Cylinders

○ Stainless Steel in various volumes
○ Sample cylinder carrying cases
○ Sample cylinder accessories
■ Outage tubes
■ Quick Disconnects
■ Cylinder Valves

Liquid Coolers

○ Tube in Tube for cooling of high temperature samples
○ Shell and Tube for cooling of high temperature samples

Emissions Vent Canisters

○ Disposable with activated carbon
○ Stainless Steel with activated carbon

Spare Parts

○ Flowmeters
○ Regulators
○ Sampling needles

All other possibilities available upon request

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