Cobra CP (Constant Pressure Cylinder Sample System)

Cobra CP (Constant Pressure Cylinder Sample System)

Cobra CP Sampling Solution

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The Cobra CP closed loop sampling system is specifically designed to collect sampling in a constant pressure cylinder in the safest and most efficient way. Ideal for use in specialty gas and light liquid hydrocarbon applications, the Cobra CP is safe for both the operator and environment, providing an emissions-free sampling capability to keep both pollution and sample contamination levels to an absolute minimum. It’s ideally suited to use in the petrochemical, refinery and natural and specialty gas industries.

The Cobra CP sampling system simplifies the process by allowing constant pressure cylinders to be charged within the system. A low-maintenance option, it also allows for easy and quick disconnection ensuring the sample cylinder can be removed with no tools required. It also accommodates dual phase sampling without fear of sample contamination. The Cobra CP is fully LDAR and MACT compliant, while a DOT rated stainless steel cylinder ensures quality, reliability and longevity.

Key features include:

• Safe emissions-free sampling for liquid or gas samples
• Specifically designed for sampling in a constant pressure cylinder
• Allows for charging of constant pressure cylinder in sample system, saving operator time
• Designed with minimal valve operations for faster and easier sampling
• Quick disconnects allow for no-tool sample cylinder
• Detailed cylinder guides for quick installation of sample cylinder

Designed for the following applications:

• Light liquid hydrocarbon
• Specialty Gas
• Dual phase samples

Ideal for use in the following industries:

• Refinery
• Chemical
• Petrochemical
• Specialty
• Natural Gas

Available system options include:

Media: Gas or Vapor or Liquid (Constant Pressure Cylinders)
Cylinder Size: Piston Cylinder 300cc/500cc/other
O-Ring Material: Viton/Kalrez/Other
Compression Fitting: Standard/Swagelok/Parker (1/2”) (Vent Connection 1/4”)
Quick Disconnect: Swagelok/Parker
Vent Type: to Flare/Emission Filter (with/without filter)/Steel Emission Filter (with/without Indicator)
Process Temperature: Standard (<140F)/Cooler Required (>140F)
Process Pressure: 0-100psi/0-200psi/0-300psi/0-400psi/other
Miscellaneous: Other Material to Stainless Steel; Pipe Stand; Dual Pipe Stand; Process Isolation Valve (inlet/return); Mounted Enclosure; Sample Pump; No Process Return

Cobra CP Full Details
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