Cobra FV (Fixed Volume Liquid Sample System)

Cobra FV (Fixed Volume Liquid Sample System)

COBRA FV publicCobra FV Sampling Solution

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Designed to provide a more efficient fixed volume sampling system, the Cobra FV liquid sampler offers the greatest level of reliability and ease-of-use yet. All of the units use the Cobra-designed FLO-THRU sampling valve, facilitating easy regulation by ensuring sufficient time for air and other gases to be expelled. A variety of accessories are available – from needle purge to cooling coils – so that the sampler can be customized to suit the specific conditions at your facility.

The Cobra FV is specifically designed to ensure the operator takes the highest quality fixed volume sampler through the simplest and most reliable process possible. The sample valve allows each sample to be extracted quickly and easily while simultaneously purging the assembly with Nitrogen, thus ensuring the cleanest possible sample is taken. The system can also be adapted to facilitate automatic sample extractions or composite samples.

Key features include:

• Special coaxial needle system prevents bent and broken needles
• Various options available, such as needle purge, carbon canister, and cooling coils
• Process liquid continuously flows through the sample cylinder
• Single 1/4 turn of valve simultaneously drops sample into bottle and Nitrogen purge the assembly
• Single 1/4 turn actuator enables automatic or composite sample taking

Designed for the following applications:

• Liquids with high pressures
• Fixed Volume Necessity

Ideal for use in the following industries:

• Chemical
• Petrochemical
• Refineries

Available system options include:

Material: Stainless Steel or Special
Bottle Size: Boston Round with fixed volume cylinder – 4oz;75cc/8oz;150cc/16oz;300cc/32oz;500cc/ custom size
O-Ring Material: Viton/Kalrez/Other
Compression Fitting: Standard/Swagelok/Parker (1/2”) (Vent Connection 1/4”)
Vent Type: to Flare/Emission Filter (with/without filter)/Steel Emission Filter (with/without Indicator)
Process Temperature: Standard (<140F)/Cooler Required (>140F)
Process Pressure: 0-100psi/0-200psi/0-300psi/0-400psi/other
Miscellaneous: Pipe Stand; Dual Pipe Stand; Secondary Isolation Valve; Process Isolation Valve (inlet/return); Mounted Enclosure; No Process Return

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