Cobra HTHV (Resid/Hot Oil/Vacuum Bottoms Sample System)

Cobra HTHV (Resid/Hot Oil/Vacuum Bottoms Sample System)

Cobra HTHV Sampling System

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The Cobra HTHV closed loop sampling system is specifically designed to provide a safe sampling method for high-temperature high-viscosity applications, such as hot oil and slurries. Enclosing the system, and allowing the operator to view the process through a viewing window, provides extra safety. Designed to the highest quality standards and to the most precise specifications, the Cobra HTHV sampling system is ideally suited to use in the petrochemical, refinery, chemical and specialty gas industries.

The Cobra HTHV is designed to address the problems that temperature can create when trying to secure accurate representative samples. By steam jacketing the sample loop, the problems of plugging and cold spots are effectively prevented, while the inclusion of a multi-turn valve with a hardened seat means the operator can throttle the sample flow adequately to secure the sample safely.

Key features include:

• Safe sampling for high temperature high viscosity applications
• Steam Jacketing of entire sample loop prevents plugging or cold spots
• Multi-turn valve with hardened seat allows throttling of sample flow
• Enclosure with viewing window protects operator during sampling operation

Designed for the following applications:

• Hot Oil
• Residual Oil
• Vacuum Tower Bottoms
• Slurries

Ideal for use in the following industries:

• Refinery
• Chemical
• Petrochemical
• Specialty

Available system options include:

Media: Hot Oil, Vacuum Bottoms, Residual Oil, High Viscosity Fluids
O-Ring Material: Viton/Kalrez (std)/Other
Compression Fitting: Standard/Swagelok/Parker (1/2”) (Vent Connection 1/4”)
Valve: Ram Valve and special steam jacketed Valve
Vent Type: to Flare/Emission Filter (with/without filter)/Steel Emission Filter (with/without Indicator)
Process Temperature: Standard (<140F)/Cooler Required (>140F)
Process Pressure: 0-100psi/0-200psi/0-300psi/0-400psi/other
Miscellaneous: Other Material to Stainless Steel; Pipe Stand; Dual Pipe Stand; Process Isolation Valve (inlet/return); Mounted Enclosure; Insulated

Cobra HTHV Full Details
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