Cobra M (manual liquid sample system)

Cobra M (manual liquid sample system)


Cobra M Full Details

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Designed for longevity, the Cobra M liquid sampler boasts a variety of unique features that makes it simpler to install and more convenient to use. Made of stainless steel and other exotic materials, the sampler meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. All of our Cobra M units use the Cobra-designed FLO-THRU sampling valve to facilitate easy regulation. The system also provides ample time for air and other gases to be expelled, ‘clean’ samples are assured.

The Cobra M includes a multi-turn handle that permits precise flow control, while a full bore flow path ensures that no pressure is lost while the sample is being extracted. And because standard units come with our special coaxial needle system, the risk of bent or broken needles is reduced dramatically. Also, our FLO-THRU sampling valve has been specifically designed for process sampling, and protects against contamination to ensure the integrity of every sample taken.

Key features include:

• Special coaxial needle system prevents bent and broken needles
• Multi-turn handle for throttling and precise control of flow
• Hardened seat for severe applications
• ½” full bore flow path with zero pressure drop
• Zero dead volume through valve body with optional purge
• Rugged handle and stem for longer cycle life
• True sampling valve designed specifically for process sampling

Designed for the following applications:

• Liquid Samples with low vapor pressure
• High VOC chemicals

Ideal for use in the following industries:

• Chemical
• Petrochemical
• Refineries

Available system options include:

Material: Stainless Steel or Special
Bottle Size: Boston Round 2oz-32oz/custom size
O-Ring Material: Viton/Kalrez/Other
Compression Fitting: Standard/Swagelok/Parker (1/2”) (Vent Connection 1/4”)
Vent Type: to Flare/Emission Filter (with/without filter)/Steel Emission Filter (with/without Indicator)
Process Temperature: Standard (<140F)/Cooler Required (>140F)
Process Pressure: 0-100psi/ 0-200psi/other
Miscellaneous: Pipe Stand; Dual Pipe Stand; Secondary Isolation Valve; Process Isolation Valve (inlet/return); Mounted Enclosure; No Process Return


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