Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why did Sentry Equipment acquire Cobra Sampling?
Sentry Equipment continually invests in new and better ways to serve their customers. The process plants in the refining, petrochemical and chemical markets have specialized needs for safe, low-emission product performance, application expertise and responsive service. Acquiring Cobra Sampling, with their proven track record and location in the heart of the Gulf Coast region is a good strategic fit.

2. Are Sentry Equipment and Cobra Sampling now one company?
Yes. Cobra Sampling is now part of Sentry Equipment Corp.

3. Will there be any jobs lost as a result of the deal?
No. The existing sales, engineering, operations and manufacturing personnel will continue in their roles at the Houston Center of Excellence. In fact, two additional service technician jobs have been added.

4. Will there be any facilities closed as a result of the deal?
No. The current location of Cobra Sampling will remain intact. In the future, the center may relocate to another location in the Houston area to accommodate expanded manufacturing, services and a demo/training center.

5. Where will the company headquarters be located?
Sentry Equipment is headquartered in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, U.S.

6. Are there immediate plans to discontinue any products, parts or consumables?
No. There are no immediate plans to discontinue products, parts and consumables. Customer demand and application requirements will drive whether any changes will be made to either the Sentry or Cobra closed-loop gas or liquid sampling solutions.

7. Can I still buy Cobra Sampling products through the same manufacturer representatives?
Yes. Please continue to work with your local sales representative. Over time, existing manufacturer representatives will likely offer both Sentry and Cobra sampling solutions.

8. Will product lead times or quality change?
No. There will be no immediate changes to operations or manufacturing. In the future, efforts will be made to improve lead times without any sacrifice to quality.

9. Will inventory levels remain the same?
Yes. There are no anticipated changes to inventory levels.

10. Will my current quotes and proposals still be honored?
All pricing and terms on outstanding Cobra Sampling quotes and proposals will be honored. Customers will be asked to re-issue their purchase orders to reflect Sentry Equipment Corp.

11. Will my delivery date on pending orders change?
No. All Cobra Sampling and Sentry Equipment orders will be delivered as originally planned.

12. Will my payment methods or terms change?
Cobra Sampling customer invoices will be issued to match Sentry Equipment payment remittance instructions with Net 30 payment terms beginning in June, 2017. Existing customer invoices will not change.

13. Will my Cobra Sampling or Sentry warranties still be in effect?
Yes. Terms of existing warranties will not change.

14. Will Sentry Equipment continue to invest in the Houston Center of Excellence?
Yes. The center is expected to expand to accommodate more manufacturing, quick response service, parts and consumables inventory along with a demo and training facility.

15. Who do I contact if I have a problem or concern?
Cobra Sampling Sentry Equipment
Phone: +1-713-645-2106 Phone: +1-262-567-7256
Email: sales@cobrasampling.com
Email: sales@sentry-equip.com

Online Request: www.cobrasampling.com
Online Request: www.sentry-equip.com

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