Cobra Sampler Overview

Sampling today is more important, more complex and required more frequently than ever before. Whether you need representative samples from liquid, gas or liquefied gas applications, samples may have to be extracted weekly, daily and at times on an hourly basis. At Cobra Sampling, Inc., we understand how reliability and simplicity are key preferences in your choice of sampling system.

Cobra Sampling, Inc. was established to address the need for fully reliable testing techniques that keep up with rapidly developing technologies. In a sector that relies on expertise, precision and innovation, we have quickly established ourselves as a leading designer and manufacturer of close loop gas and liquid sampling systems.

But we’ve earned our reputation not only for the quality and reliably of our gas and liquid samplers, but the flexibility of our design and longevity of the sampling systems our customers rely on.

Cobra Sampling is dedicated to developing, designing and manufacturing closed loop gas and liquid sampling systems that provide simple, reliable and safe sampling solutions. And because we have an experienced team to call upon and at our state-of-the-art facility in Texas, sampling solutions can be customized to suit specific industry needs too.

Our range is based on 4 key concerns we believe to be essential:

Safety –

Our samplers offer emission-free sampling, so operators don’t have to worry about dangerous vapors or spills.


Our samplers are design in line with LDAR and MACT standards, ensuring the risk of VOC emissions is reduced to the minimum.

Reliability –

Our range of gas and liquid samplers are manufactured to be 100% reliable, with parts and the finish ensemble thoroughly tested to ensure uncontaminated accurate representative samples are taken – first time and very time.

Quality –

Our components have been designed with longevity in mind and have been manufactured with durable materials, ensuring you get low-maintenance gas and liquid samplers that last.


The Cobra Sampling range includes:


Simpler to use and more convenient to install, The Cobra M liquid sampler and meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our FLO-THRU sampling valve facilitates easy regulation, with a full bore flow path ensuring no pressure is lost during extraction.



A more efficient fixed volume sampling system, the Cobra FV liquid sampler uses our FLO-THRU sampling valve, allowing each sample to be extracted while simultaneously purging the assembly with Nitrogen. The system can also be adapted to facilitate automatic sample extractions or composite samples.



The Cobra C sampler is designed to ensure the highest level of safety
for both the operator and environment when extracting samples from gas and
light liquid hydrocarbon applications. Low-maintenance and emissions-free, it
uses a multi-ported valve and is fully LDAR and MACT compliant.



Specifically designed for collecting samples in a constant pressure cylinder, the Cobra CP is ideal for specialty gas and light liquid hydrocarbon applications. Low-maintenance and emissions-free, constant pressure cylinders can be charged within the system. It is fully LDAR and MACT compliant.



Designed for high-temperature high-viscosity applications, the Cobra HTHV is completely enclosed with a viewing window provided, so sampling can be conducted and observed safely. Steam jacketing prevents plugging and cold spots, while a multi-turn valve allows the operator throttle the sample flow to a safe rate.



Specifically designed to meet the challenges presented by detector tube measuring, the Cobra DT makes the sampling process simple. Our unique Teflon detector tube means easy tube insertion, while a high-pressure regulator allows operators lower pressure to a safe level before commencing.

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